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Theme 4: Cultural Pathways

While a source of pride and community celebration, culture and traditions can also result in negativity, hostility and stereotyping. Challenging this suggest a need to re-examine culture and traditions, to understand its meaning and significance and in turn promote and share culture in a positive manner. Central to this work is understanding of the wider political and historical context within which communities have developed.


Key Strategic Aim

  • Building a confident and inclusive community


Key Outcomes 2016-2020

  • To develop a greater appreciation and value of local culture and heritage
  • To support and promote cultural awareness and respect
  • To promote and celebrate diversity and cultural cohesion.
  • To promote a greater understanding of politics and history
  • To place communities within a wider European context


Key strategic objectives are:

  • To explore and examine traditional loyalist culture
  • To place local culture within a historical context
  • To explore and share other cultures and traditions
  • To challenge negative stereotypes and perceptions





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