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Theme 3: Community Safety and Cohesion

One of the challenges facing local communities has been a disengagement from politics, statutory providers and agencies including the PSNI. Consequently, tackling community safety issues, building a shared community, encouraging tolerance can have been seen as imposed upon communities rather than coming from a genuine community desire to build a peaceful confident community. In response, Charter NI has worked hard to build from the bottom up, encouraging genuine partnerships, engaging with local communities and state agencies to work collaboratively, welcoming and supporting new communities to build genuinely inclusive and safe communities. Charter NI, through Resolve has worked hard to support effective initiatives within the community, including community restorative justice.


Key Strategic Aim

  • Building socially cohesive, resilient and tolerant communities


Key Outcomes 2016-2020

  • Develop local community partnerships that will promote and sustain positive community safety and cohesion
  • Facilitating genuine positive community relationships within and between communities
  • Building stronger welcoming communities


Key strategic objectives are:

  • To empower local people to influence and inform local policing, recognising existing structures including PCSPs
  • To create community buy in to support community policing
  • To support building of positive local relationships within and between communities
  • To support anti sectarian and anti-racist programmes within the community
  • To support community restorative initiatives such as Resolve




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