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Theme 2: Children and Young People

Children and Young People within the catchment area are faced with a range of challenges, educational underachievement, low levels of literacy, a lack of confidence combined with disengagement with providers. Charter NI has proposed an integrated approach that recognises that the issues facing young people require a holistic response supporting personal, social and economic change. Central to this is the need to recognise the role of families and family support.


Key Strategic Aim

  • Engaging, enriching, educating and empowering children, young people and families


Key Outcomes 2016-2020

  • Developing confident assertive children and young people who can participate and benefit from training and employment opportunities
  • Expanding, coordinating and evaluating youth development activity with the community.
  • Developing and promoting new young leaders
  • Encouraging family support


Key strategic objectives are:

  • Developing children and young peoples’ diverse talents and emotional development, through welfare health, education and recreation programmes
  • Facilitating their social relationships and widening networks through cultural and sporting activities and exchanges
  • Enriching their experiences and their artistic capacity, including through access to arts, dance, music and theatre activity
  • Empowering young people to learn and develop responsibility and positive behaviour, including volunteer-ism and community development activities
  • Recognising their success and contribution to the community


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